Andrés’ Journey: Mathematics and Dreams. (Activity To Practice Reading Comprehension And Life Skills For Autistic Children And Young People)


“The Journey of Andrés: Mathematics and Dreams” is an especially valuable material for working with autistic children in the development of reading comprehension and social skills. The story, centered on Andrés, an autistic boy with an exceptional talent for mathematics, offers a relatable and motivating narrative. Through Andrés’ challenges and triumphs, children can learn about perseverance, self-acceptance, and the importance of recognizing and celebrating individual differences.

This material fosters reading comprehension by inviting children to explore specific questions about the plot and characters, which helps them focus their attention on key details and develop critical thinking skills. Additionally, by asking them to create conversations based on the story’s images, it promotes imagination and gives them the opportunity to practice social skills in a safe and structured context. This interactive approach not only enhances the understanding of the story but also allows autistic children to explore and express their own thoughts and emotions, thus facilitating a deeper and more meaningful learning experience.


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