An adventure with the sea animals. (Activity To Practice Reading Comprehension And Conversation Skills For Autistic Children)


“The Underwater Adventure with Marine Animals” is a captivating learning material designed for children with autism, aiming to improve their reading comprehension and conversation skills. The material presents a narrative about Deryk, a young boy fascinated by the ocean, who embarks on a magical underwater journey after freeing a tangled octopus. He gains the ability to breathe underwater, communicate with marine animals, and learn about their lives and the importance of ocean conservation.

In this magical adventure, Deryk interacts with various sea creatures and witnesses the impact of human pollution on the marine environment. This experience changes him, motivating him to spread awareness about the necessity of protecting the oceans. After his journey, Deryk initiates a campaign to educate his community about ocean conservation, leading to noticeable changes in the attitudes towards recycling and beach clean-ups.


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Accompanying the story are targeted questions that aim to work on the reader’s comprehension of the narrative. These questions focus on details of the story, from recalling specific events to interpreting Deryk’s experiences and motivations. Also included are drawings from the story, inviting children to practice their conversational skills by filling in dialogues between the characters. This unique combination of narrative, targeted questions, and conversation practice allows children to engage with the material deeply, enhancing their understanding of the text and refining their social interaction skills, while also promoting empathy and respect for the environment.


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