(NT) Can Yogurt with Probiotics Help People with Autism?

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Would you like to know if probiotics included in some Yogurts could be used to treat your children with Autism? A very encouraging study of probiotics, show that these may help in treatment of Autism. This article will reveal what the study is about, how good their findings are, how the scientists came to occlusions, and how we parents may use the results for the benefit of our kids with Autism in their daily life.


Probiotics and treatment for Autism. The Study

As outlined by a recently available study conducted in Houston, Texas by the Baylor College of Medicine (Study link at the end), gut bacteria may help to ease the symptoms of Autism.

The study, experimented with mice that were genetically programmed to develop versions of autism spectrum disorders. As a result of the generated mutation, they developed social deficits and hyperactivity symptoms, similar to those observed in autism spectrum disorders (ASD). They also developed changes in the bacteria in the gut that make up their microbiome. This problem also observed in many people with ASD.

As part of the experiment, the group of scientists fed mice with a probiotic microbe known as Lactobacillus reuteri in order to moderate the gut balance. They did regulate the gut balance but also resulted in the modulation of the brain. The researchers performed different tests and also found a second way to modulate the brain in a similar way, by administrating the mice with a metabolite compound produced in the gut by L. reuteri itself.



The team of researchers observed improved social behavior and and increased social interactions in the mutant mice that were administrated with Lactobacillus reuteri. The metabolite produced by the probiotics also made them more sociable, however, the experiment did not alter their level of hyperactivity.

The scientists group learned that hyperactivity in mice with neurodevelopmental disorders is controlled by the host’s genes, while on the other hand, social deficits are influenced by gut bacteria.


Growing Evidence favoring Probiotics in Autism Treatment

The gut microbiome should be considered as an important variable in studying health and disease.

The study is the latest in a steady flow of research looking for ways to regulate the gut microbiome to alleviate autism symptoms, also adds to an increasing pile  of evidence that suggests gut microbes may be the answer to treating the disorder.


What is Next

Effective Autism therapies would likely need to be directed at both the brain and the gut microbiome to fully address all symptoms. In the future, scientists will be able to take advantage of the properties of the bacteria in the treatment of the brain and their related disorders. This most likely will lead to the development of pharmaceutics that target the gut microbiome based on probiotic bacteria.

More testing is needed but scientists around the world are not resting. There is another team of researches currently conducting a trial in Italy where they are testing directly with autistic children. We will be looking forward to publish the results in this blog whenever they are available.



The probiotic, Lactobacillus reuteri, is capable of relieving the repetitive behaviors and restricted interests in mice with induced Autism. It can restore normal social behavior but cannot correct the hyperactivity. We will have to wait for the current trial in children to verify its effectiveness in humans.


Applications for Parents.

There is no over-the-counter Lactobacillus reuteri supplements specifically to treat autism at this time, however, the bacteria is a common ingredient in probiotic Yogurt which can be purchased in any Supermarket. Yogurt has ben always considered a heathy food so it doesn’t hurt to try and hope for improvements.

You can find the original study on the link bellow:

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